Managing HR with HRTrack
09-10 October 2017 Training
Exam: 11th October 2017
# HRTrack is a software meant for managing HR management activities. It can be used in all types of organizations (corporate, public and development) and all size organizations It has following modules:
1 Organization planning
2 Recruitment and selection
3 Performance Appraisal
4 HR/Employee Management
5 Self Service (for example applying leaves)
6 Service request (for making requests like repairing)
7 Time Management (assigning temporary tasks or projects) employees)
8 Compensation Management (including Payroll)
9 Attendance with biometric system
10 Reports
  • C-2-15, CoPlace-1, Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Introductory course fee:
US$300/participant (including training, training material, registration, examination fee, and 3-month license fee)

10:00 am-05:00 pm

Deadline for registration

15th September, 2017 for Registration click here