What I have experienced in Malaysia!

by Dr. Syed Masroor H. Shah

Passing a smile upon interacting with anyone is indicative of a healthy and a happy nation. It shows that the people have bigger heart to accommodate anyone visiting Malaysia. In case one asks from a Malaysian to guide to a certain location, it is she or he, will take you to the right point. Living happily with a sense of peace is a blessing one enjoys in Malaysia.

Multiculturalism is found in its truest sense in Malaysia. Vision of their leaders to create a progressive Malaysia to welcome people from all over the world, is continuously gaining ground. I have met with the people from different countries. Everyone is appreciative of the local people’s open mindedness. Each society has both positive and negative aspects, but positive side is heavier in case of Malaysia.

People from this progressive nation are not unnecessarily curious about anyone. They talk and converse if the other person is ready and comfortable. Women are free to work at any hours of the day. Everyone is busy to carve a career and build a better life. One can see contentment and simplicity as a salient attribute of the Malaysian society. This does not mean they are complacent, a strong urge to develop more through consistent thinking and hardwork is visible in their day to day progress. People with different cultural and religious backgrounds live together. They show complete respect and care for each others’ values.

Difference of opinion is shared and respected but with no hue and cry. Speak gently is a common norm. Listen and solve the problem is normal in the public and private offices. Getting things done is easier if one follows the process and completes the required formalities. Business environment is conducive. Those with a vision and clear plans coupled with commitment have ample chance to succeed.

When I decided to move to Malaysia with my family, I had two-fold vision. One, my children will educate and grow in a multicultural and value driven society. Second, we as a family will learn and carve a better tomorrow for us. I am glad that I made the right decision.

Beginning my entrepreneurial journey is a dream that has become true in Malaysia. I found role models like Syed Mokhtar Albukhary and Syed Azmin who have made their success through their vision, dedication, sincerity of purpose and sheer hard work. Their experience and personal mentorship are the richest sources of learning for me to start and run a business. Importantly, their care for the fellow beings through social and philanthropic work under the umbrella of Albukhary Foundation is a greater inspiration. There are other examples to enlighten me to become a better entrepreneur and work for bettering the lives of the fellow beings.

It is just a beginning of my journey. I am confident that I will achieve the milestones that I have visualized and set for me, my family and my team who are an important part of this journey.

A good learning throughout this process is that faith in God and then faith in yourself is the key to realize what you dream.

Writer is the CEO of People Talent Tech Sdn. Bhd. His email: masroor@people-talent.com.my


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